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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Motive Matters by Laurie Stein

The public service of former presidential nominees includes leading the forces of D-Day, fighting in WW II, governing a state, representing a state in the Senate, and organizing disadvantaged community members to take action on their own behalf. Please read Donald Trump's biography. He has employed people, of course. That's how businesses make money. But what has he done for the purpose of helping others? Some billionaires endow universities; provide full college scholarships to hundreds of deserving students; or actively work in other countries to build schools, distribute medicines, teach improved farming methods. In his 70 years of living, what are Trump's good deeds that show he cares about the welfare of others (as in "putting your money where your mouth is")? Please read HRC'S biography. She began her work for women and children in 1977 and has served others, in some capacity, since then. Has she made mistakes? Of course. Who has accomplished as much as she has without mistakes? But she acknowledges and takes responsibility for them. We may not vote for her as Homecoming Queen, but who else has her depth of experience in complex national and international affairs? Finally, are there other men in America with Trump's contempt for minorities? Who disparage and bully women? Who use his vulgar language? Of course. But we don't elect them President. We don't choose them as our representative to the world. Attitude and motive matter.